One Easy Way for Sign Installers to Acquire More Customers

When we surveyed more than eighty real estate sign installers around the U.S., only four of the eighty had a price sheet that they provide to customers.

We believe that every sign installer should have a one-page price sheet that they can give to prospective customers, and even to current customers.  And we list all of the reasons below.

Then, at the end of this article, we provide a link to or Super Simple Price Sheet template in Google Sheets, which you can freely use, if you are a sign installer, and you do not already have a price sheet for your customers.


1. Build Trust
Customers will trust you more if you are transparent and straightforward.  Customers tend to worry whether they can trust a business that hides its pricing. 

2. Save Time for Your Team
Stop wasting your team's time, going back and forth with customers about your prices.  Instead, let your team simpy email your prices to prospective customers.

3. Save Time for Your Customers and Prospects
When is that last time you went into a store that you trust, and they made you go back and forth 3 times in emails, just to find out how much their service cost? Realtors and their teams should be interacting with their clients and growing their business, not trading emails and phone calls with your team, just to figure out your prices..

4. Avoid Mistakes and Misunderstandings
When you have all of your prices in one place, and everyone on your team knows where to get them, you avoid mistakes. You avoid the potential for your staff to give a customer an incorrect price, which did happen to us during our national survey of real estate sign installers.

If you'd like a copy of the Super Simple Price Sheet template to use in your business, send us a quick email, and we'll email it to you straight away:  help [at] Jistix-dot-com.

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