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One Easy Way for Sign Installers to Acquire More Customers

When we surveyed more than eighty real estate sign installers around the U.S., only four of the eighty had a price sheet that they provide to customers.

We believe that every sign installer should have a one-page price sheet that they can give to customers. This article explains why, and then we give you a link to our Dead Simple Price Sheet template that you can copy and use freely, if you do not already have a price sheet for your real estate sign logistics business.

CASE STUDY: A Sign Installer Serving Thousands of Realtors Hires Hearing-Impaired Staff to Run It's Warehouse

When a sign installer serving thousands of Realtors posted a job opening to hire someone to manage the sign warehouse, he had no idea that, two years later, all of his three warehouse staff would be hearing-impaired yet fully empowered to handle everything in the warehouse, including interactions with Realtors and drivers.

Organize Your Warehouse Like Amazon

Did you know that you can DOUBLE the capacity of your warehouse AND cut in half the time it takes your staff to pull orders, while completely eliminating errors and mistakes? Watch this short video, to see how Amazon does it, then come back to this article, and we will show you how you can do it, too.