CASE STUDY: A Sign Installer Serving Thousands of Realtors Hires Hearing-Impaired Staff to Run It's Warehouse

When a sign installer serving thousands of Realtors posted a job opening to hire someone to manage the sign warehouse, he had no idea that, two years later, all of his three warehouse staff would be hearing-impaired yet fully empowered to handle everything in the warehouse, including interactions with Realtors and drivers.

How could someone who could not hear or speak handle communications with drivers in the field, agents, coordinators and brokers?

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The answer was the Jistix platform.  Specifically, Jistix rapidly developed features that empowered the warehouse staff to send and receive messages to customers and drivers, inside of the platform, and fully integrated with the inventory and order management system, so that the warehouse staff are able to do all of the following activities, without ever getting on the phone:

  • Telling an agent when a piece of their equipment is damaged, and getting the agent's approval to either recycle it, or keep it in service
  • Telling agents every time they receive a new piece of equipment in the warehouse.
  • Asking questions of agents, to clarify instructions from the agent that are unclear
  • Communicating and tracking tasks that need to be completed by drivers or other people who work for the installer

Most installers would need to handle these communications over the phone, but the Jistix platform makes it super fast and easy for anyone to handle these activities with ease, and with automated logs and audit trails, so you can always go back and see who took each action along the way.

In fact, one of their warehouse staff told us:

It's so Easy! I manage the warehouse for thousands of agents, and this software is the best! I love how effective it is and how easy it is to use!

As a result, this large Texas installer continues to employ only hearing impaired staff in its warehouse. And it's been a true success for everyone involved, including the customers, the business owner and the employees.  We at Jistix are thrilled that we could be a part of the journey.
Jistix makes it super simple for your customers to place orders, 24 hours a day, and then allows you to easily track and manage every piece of equipment that you manage.
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